domingo, 20 de marzo de 2016

Latter-Day Saints of Tinder

The prophet ladies gathered in my office to pray nightly… it’s 9:30pm

Hello Ladies


Like me

And I will love you today.

Refuse me,

I will love you forever.


Any stranger can touch you

because you are holy.

You burn with fire

the leftover

because it is sacred.


Latter-Day Saints

Latter-Day Saints

Holy Tinder


I trust you’re all being zion increasingly?

Are there 12 of you gathered? 

(girls voice: “yes”, “yes”)



I led the flock

through the desert

and came to Mount

and you show up

in a flame frost


I take a calf

and two rams,

unleavened bread

and oil cakes


burning incense;

acacia wood

on an altar.

You will make unto thee

your brother,

and their children,

to sing my song.



Latter-Day Saints

Latter-Day Saints

Holy Tinder


The Lord showed me he’s very pleased with this group of 12 ladies

Willing to do whatever you’re called on to do.


Stay away;

Take off your shoes,

because the place where you are

It is sacred ground.

You eat in a heavenly place,

because it is very blessed thing,

my offerings

statute forever.


Later you eat

Of my body

And you drink the juice

of my bowels

For I am the one who sanctifies them.


Latter-Day Saints

Latter-Day Saints

Holy Tinder


And others that have stepped forward and by learning how to live the higher order of the sinister law. Also, I’ve been shown that all of you need to become more fervent.

And the increase of the spirit of God, fervent in your devotion to heavenly Father and priesthood. Love everyone equally. You’re in for everyone equally. 

Look upon each other with a spiritual eye, thinking of God, seeing His nature increase 

In each other...and praying for each other to be increased in Godliness. 

Your willingness to respond includes a willingness to reach for the heavenly gift and 

administering to one another and to me. I need to know the heavenly fire is being reached for and increased within you and that you are not taking on the pride of success where you feel the heavenly power but you’re not increasing it through you own exertion. So I ask you to look at yourselves.Do you feel the heavenly fire only because of the faith of others around you and over you? 

Or all day long do you feel the increase of the heavenly fire in every task and every 

connection with anybody? Ladies, you must concentrate on the bond of oneness. You must be an extension of God through every desire and prayers that I will be strengthened and that is how you are strengthened. If the Lord doesn’t name you to be with me in the heavenly session, then you will fall under a greater condemnation and not be used.



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